• Company United Cement Group - a large industrial holding company specializing in the production of general and special grades of cement of the highest quality. With our cement you build a "once and for all!"
  • Our clients are the largest construction companies, reinforced concrete structures manufacturers, ore mining companies, oil and gas enterprises, as well as individual builders.
  • Cement produced by UCG group plants, was used in the construction of such well-known objects as Baikonur spaceport, Baiterek complex, sea terminal of Aktau port, pendant bridge over Irtysh river, Bratskaya and Zeevskaya hydro-electric station, Tashkent airport – the largest airport in the Central Asia and other  energy and industrial facilities.
  • We are the owners of the plants located in different countries, we possess own quarries, modern equipment and huge experience. We suggest the widest range of the products, steady high cement quality, which meets the highest world-wide quality standards.


09.11.20 // На Кантском цементном заводе реализованы проекты строительно-монтажных работ по установлению нового оборудования
04.11.20 // Кантский цементный завод пополнил парк цементовозов
01.12.15 // LLP “SCP” has shipped the millionth ton of cement
25.11.15 // LLP “Semey Cement Plant” was awarded “High quality achievements” diploma for substantive result of quality achievements
12.10.15 // In "Kant Cement Plant" JSC held a meeting with consumers
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High quality product is confirmed by an independent British laboratory Kirton Concrete Services.