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Produced types of cement and their application

CG company is a leading cement producing company in the Central Asia, and the second company by production volume in the CIS territory.
Technological lines of the UCG plants allow producing all types of cement complying with Kazakhstani and International Standards.

Produced cement grades:
UCG plant
Produced cement types
QuvasaycementPC 400-D20, SRPC 400-D20, PTC-I-100
BekabadcementPC 400-D20, SPC 400, SRPC 400-D20
Kant Cement PlantPC 400-D20, PC 500-D0, SRPC 400-D20
TechnoLinPC 400-D20
Grinding Station Yangiyul
PC 400-D20,  PC 400-D0, SPC 400-D0

UCG cement application:
Cement typesApplication
PC 400PC 400 used in construction of most civil and industrial projects, production of reinforced concrete. This grade of cement has good water and freeze-thaw resistance and is suitable for most types of construction
PC 500High quality cement which is used in construction of high buildings and structures which demands increasing construction materials durability; used in production of highly reliable concrete and reinforced structures for industrial construction which demands high characteristics of water, freeze and thaw resistance and high lasting qualities.
SPC 400 and SPC 300Not expensive, slow settling and facilitating even hardening and improving the end quality of cement structure. It is highly resistant to sea water, peat acid and oil and due to that it can be used in construction of ordinary projects and also in construction of sewage and drain systems in contaminated soils. Slag Portland Cement is also used for mortars and concrete for brickworks and plasters as well as to produce artificial rock materials
SRPC 400The main feature is high resistance to sulfate mineral waters exposure. It is used in aggressive environment for production of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, for external hydraulic structures and structures which are exposed to systematic freezing and thaw,  watering and drying; it is used for construction of reinforced concrete structures  located in sea water, for road concrete, airfield pavements, pressure pipes,  tower bodies for high voltage lines etc.
PC ACIUsed for manufacture of asbestos cement products