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Mission and Values

UCG – is the largest cement company in Central Asia, which facilitates stable development of construction industry, protects environment and cares of the country’s prosperity.

In the short run the Company has an aim to increase its shares on the cement markets of Central Asia and Russia and reinforce its competitive edges through a brand formation and positioning of the Company as a price leader. These will be achieved due to consolidation of cement assets on the adjacent markets of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, construction of new production capacities, vertical integration with sources of raw materials, improvement of the management system as well as development of labor productivity based on highly-qualified and motivated team of professionals.

Our values are mirrored in our successes, they are binding on us and we offer them to everyone involved in cooperation with us. We do not give up our values for profiteering purposes. We perceive them as a link of all areas of our activities and expect the same from relations with our business partners.

Our Values

- Respect of personal rights and interests of our employees, our clients, business partners and the community.
- Honesty in relations and information provision.
- Efficiency as a stable achievement of maximum results in everything we do.
- Care shown in our desire to protect people against any damage to their life and health and to preserve the environment.
- Confidence in the employees and partners.
- Justice and equal conditions.
- Courage to counter things unacceptable to us and to take personal responsibility for consequences of our own decisions.
We make significant input into development of economy of Kazakhstan and neighboring countries and understand the responsibility we bear. Success and prosperity of hundred thousand people in the countries where our company operates, depend on our efficient and well co-coordinated work. Without cement construction of new buildings, hospitals and theatres is impossible, without our production construction will stop and consequently economy development stops as well, people’ prosperity will go down. That is why we are always moving and developing.