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Kant cement plant added to the fleet of cement trucks

In the current year the plant has acquired a new motor transport - cement trucks (tractor + semi-trailer of cement trucks). 
Introduction of new technology will allow the plant to deliver its products independently to client, what was not previously possible, and is ready to offer partners delivery of cement in bulk, which will enhance the quality of service for customers ‘goods + service’. The tank capacity of each cement truck is 40 cubic meters.
Each of the vehicles is branded to make them unique. This is not only the best advertising campaign, but also a guarantee of product quality, timely delivery and high level of service. An important factor is the absence of losses during transportation. The entire driver's staff is prepared to work with the loading and unloading unit of cement trucks.
Delivery of cement, as agreed with consumers, will be carried out in all regions of the Republic. In total, it is planned to transport up to 12 thousand tons of cement monthly by its own vehicles.
The cost of delivery by the Plant transport will be lower than the established prices in the private road transport market: first of all, the absence of intermediaries in the person of the carrier, the lower prices in POL. Additional discounts are possible for regular customers.