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Kant cement plant has implemented construction and installation projects to install new equipment

At Kant Cement Plant in 2020, modernization of the burner equipment of ‘firing clinker’ cement production section was successfully carried out. At one of the furnaces, the existing burner was replaced with more modern and technological burner equipment from Unitherm Cemcon. The main advantage of the new burner system is the control of primary air supply allowing for more complete combustion of the supplied fuel and better firing of the clinker. 
In 2020, the electric filter of the rotary kiln was overhauled (complete replacement of corona electrodes), which led to a reduction in atmospheric emissions. A five-year plan of measures to reduce emissions of pollutants has been developed in the draft standards for MPE. Within five years, it is planned to repair 4 more filters, which will lead to the achievement of the MPE level.
Also in 2020, new additives of limestone raw materials were successfully introduced into production, which made it possible to reduce the cost of cement.