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Novotroitsk cement plant has obtained 3 API certificates and the license for oil-well cement

United Cement Group holding is happy to inform that the Licensing and registration committee of the American petroleum institute (API) has completed reviewing of audit results and performed corrective actions at Novotroitsk cement plant. Based on results of the work done the Quality management system is recognized as conforming to international standards requirements such as: ISO 9001-2008, TS 29001 and Q1 Ed 8 specification. Also the license is granted to the plant the right to put API monogram on oil-well cement of high sulfate resistance at the rated water cement ratio, produced according to the specification 10A Ed. 24. 
These documents confirm high level of company management, adequate degree of production preparation, which ensures oil-well cement quality conforming to specification requirements.
"Nearly three year work on preparation of the Quality management system is completed, it covered all plant activities, starting from leadership and management responsibility to document management, as well as technical preparation of plant production units, laboratory to the level conforming to the international quality standards, demanded from the enterprise - supplying the goods for the oil, petrochemical and gas industry", - reported Elena Koshevaya, the Quality director of Novotroitsk cement plant.
API Certificates and license entitle Novotroitsk cement to be one of the few enterprises in Russia cement industry having the right to use mark of world quality level for oil-well products. And at the same time it imposes on the enterprise heavy responsibility for maintaining of a high level quality according to the declared standards.
According to Ukanov Serik, the Commercial director of Novotroitsk cement plant, obtaining of the API certificate gives undeniable advantage in struggle for clients trust and loyalty and proves high quality of oil-well cement and its compliance with international standards. "Our partners may be assured of NCP oil-well cement quality. Obtaining of these certificates is an important step in our client policy", – summarized Mr. Ukanov.
API Certificates and license are issued for 3 year period and are valid till 12.12.2016, subject to annual inspection audit by representatives of the American petroleum institute.