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Semey Cement Plant Sponsored the Cup of RoK

Semipalatinsk is the Motherland of Kazakhstani football: in the 1913-1914 years the first Kazakh football teams appeared in Semipalatinsk - SSK, Olymp, Lastochka (Swallow), Orlyata (Eaglets) and Yarysh. (Not everyone knows that Mukhtar Auezov, a Kazakh writer, playwright and scholar, played in the football club "Yarysh"!).
From 19 to 24 September, the Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in the Semey city in the honor of the 100th anniversary of the Kazakhstan football.  It was attended by the Kazakhstan's top teams: FC "Kairat" (Almaty), FC "Toulpar" (Karaganda ), FC "Ukshyn -Iskra"(Astana), FC "TsSKA" (Almaty), FC "SKA" (Almaty).
Management of the Semey Cement Plant in the person of the Director, M. Kopolovetz has sponsored the event. Mr. Kopolovetz said: "Support of sport is the priority for the social activities of our plant. We continually maintain and develop fitness and healthy lifestyle among the factory workers. As one of the core enterprises of the city, we are actively involved in its social and sports events. We have supported the initiative of Kazakhstan League of Football Fans in the organization of the Cup".
Semipalatinsk team that participated in the Cup of the Republic of Kazakhstan under the name of FC "Semey Cement Plant", has showed a decent game. Asset Zhaksybayev of FC "Semey Cement Plant", has scored 6 goals, and is among the top three goal scorers, yielding the palm to Askhat Alzhaksin of FC "Ushkyn -Iskra" and Betao of FC "Kairat".
"The fans were next to their teams in each match. Great atmosphere in the hall, support from the stands, the battlelike game. We saw some good football "- Mr. Kopolovetz shared his impressions.