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Semei cement plant participated the exhibition KazAutoRoad 2012

On November 21-22 there was an annual KazAutoDor-2012 exhibition successfully conducted in Astana, it was dedicated to the modern technologies and development in the road construction sphere.
It is a well-known fact that cement is one of the main materials determining the characteristics of the concrete mixture and concrete for the road surfacing construction. High requirements, raised to the road surfacing concrete, had conditioned the need of application of special cement, its regulated-set mineralogical and material composition. Semey Cement Plant, the only plant participating at KazAutoDor-2012 exhibition, provided the visitors with opportunity to learn in detail the composition of cement,  intended for the road construction, namely PC 400D0-N and PC 400D20.

Cement of Semey plant, produced under strict many-staged control, meets the norms and requirements, established in the standard GOST 10178-85. At present moment there is also a national standard GOST R ISO/MEK TO-10178-98 «Road cements. Technical conditions» acting, it is harmonized with international requirements. The standard stipulates even more tough requirements towards road cements than GOST 10178-85. Besides the mentioned standards, PC 400D0-N and PC 400D20 cements, produced at Cement Plant Semey, correspond to the terms of the technical regulations «Requirements towards road-construction materials safety» (RoK Government act No 1331 dated December 31, 2008).

Cement of Semey plant was actively used in the construction of such large projects as Astana-Borovoe highway and Western Europe- Western China, international moto-corridor.
United Cement Group Holding is a large industrial holding, specializing in production of the general construction and special cement grades of the highest quality. Cement of UCG international holding was used at the construction of such well-known sites as Baikonur space base, Baiterek monument, Aktau port sea port, pendant bridge over Irtysh river, Bratskaya and Zeyevskaya HPS, the largest in Central Asia Tashkent airport and other energy and industrial objects.