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Semey Cement Plant is making presents

Semey Cement Plant, one of top three leading cement producers of the republic and one of the largest cement plants located on the Republic of Kazakhstan territory, made a very pointful gift dedicated to the cement people professional holiday – Day of the Constructor, the plant rendered 1 095 000 KZT material aid. In addition to the donation, the employees were presented with a concert, holiday dishes tables set in nomads tents, all these all together created a warm, sincere and memorable atmosphere of a real holiday.

Sergey Nikolayevich Melnikov, Semey Cement Plant Director, also makes his strong contribution to the social pensioner’s protection affair, as the cement plant could not avoid participating at the International Elderly Person Day, which is usually celebrated on October 01st; it is a regular world-wide practice to honor the older generation on this day. Over 350 senior citizens received specific financial assistance from the plant to the total amount exceeding 1,1 million KZT.
UCG Holding does its best to improve the life of the elderly people and with all heart would like to congratulate the senior citizens with their holiday. We hope that celebration of the International Elderly Person Day will become a good tradition of all companies and from year to year more and more aged people could feel the care of the younger generations.