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«Kant cement plant» JSC, owned by the United Cement Group, the leading cement Group in Central Asia is ready to transfer from gas as kiln fuel to coal

A new production line for coal grinding in «Kant cement plant» OJSC and «Tekhnolin» Co Ltd is a break through project for UCG. The project allows to reduce cost significantly and to fully utilize the capacity of both plants in the Kyrgyz and Kazakhstan markets.
The aim of the coal grinding project by switching kiln fuel from gas to coal is to decrease energy cost significantly. Another target is to reduce the risk of interruption of fuel supplies and to increase the regional market reach of the two plants by the opportunity to export to Kazakhstan
The main supplier of the project is China CAMC Engineering Co., Ltd a prominent Chinese company.

The project consists of the following main parts:
•    The coal unloading unit: a rail unloading station with belt conveyor system to coal storage including a coal crusher

•    The coal blending and storage with a stacker/reclaimer unit A coal fired hot gas generator

•    A coal fired hot gas generator
•    The grinding workshop consists of 3 ball mills (Ø3,8х7,5+3,5m) with dynamic separators and bag filters as well as fine coal silos equipped with rotary feeders for coal dosing to kilns

•  5 Pillard multi channel burners including respective fans and blowers A CO2 and water fire extinguishing unit

•    Compressors for dried and cooled compressed air supply

Production process management
The process is fully automated and the process control systems based on Siemens multicontrollers allows operation fron a distant control room. Main actions can be taken from the kiln control room as well.

Firefighting System.
The water firefighting system is installed on three facilities – in the open storage of coal,  in the coal blending storage and in the coal powder production shop.
The gas firefighting system is automated and is designed to prevent coal powder ignition in the processes of production and storage of ready product in the bunkers. In case of ignition the gas firefighting system injects carbon dioxide into the coal powder suppressing the burning process. This system is managed by automatic devices and sensors of the explosive and inflammable gases concentration.

Environmental Safety of the Project
Taking care of the environment the UCG Holding pays a lot of attention to the environmental safety issues of the production.
Dust emission prevention is provided by high efficiency bag filters. The exhaust air from the  coal crusher and coal dosing unit is cleaned  by separate impulse bag filters.
The three mills are dedusted by separate bag filters with a capacity of 1000 m3/h. The clean gas emissions are less than 30 mg?Nm3
Each fine coal silo has its own bag filter so that the silos can be operated separately in any stage of production.

The cement of the “Kant cement plant” JSC has always been specially valued for its quality and in-demand at the internal market of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Switching from natural gas to coal secures valuable raw material resources and allows the company to reduce their cost and by that to increase sales in terms of exports to Kazkhstan. Kant products are well known in the market for quality and security of supplies. Based on modern fuel supply to the cement kilns these assets can be secured for the future.