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138 Mustakillik Street, Quvasay, Fergana Oblast, Uzbekistan

Reception: +10 (998 7337) 3 36 12, 3 31 94

Sales department: +10 (998 7337) 3 32 38

General manager: Nastasin Igor Aleksandrovich

Year of foundation: 1929

Power: Capacity of cement production – 1 107 thousand tons, clinker – 886 thousand tons annually

History: Construction of the facility began in 1929 and cement production started on February 21, 1932. Construction project of the plant was designed by Stroypromproject, USSR.
1956–1961 – startup of 2 new cement production lines fitted with 150-meter rotary kilns (1959) within the upgrade project of the plant and mechanization of all processes.
In 1959 rotary kilns were converted to natural gas from coal usage.
August 1995 – the Company becomes a joint-stock company.
1996 – 2001 – all key shops are fitted with water spray dust-laying systems, new aspiration systems installed in the lime shop at the finished products unloading and dispatch , in the primary shop, slat-type conveyers № 3–4, clinker burning department and transport shop of cement dispatch.
1999 – development and introduction of a manufacture technology of crushed high quality lime for gold mining JV of Uzbekistan and US Zarafshan Newmont and ground lime for neutralization of water hardness of the thermal power station of the country.
After acquisition the plant implemented several measures including modernization of chain type heat exchangers at 4 kilns, installation of frequency converters, gas checking systems and infra-red imagers, modernization of raw materials and cement grinding mills.

Production: The plant produces PC 400 D20, SRPC 400 D20, gypsum binding substance for large-sized partition boards, decorative and sound-proof boards, lump and crushed lime.
Cement produced by Quvasay plant was used at the construction of Toktogul hydro power station and dam of Andijan water reservoir. Regular customers of the cement plant are Trest Ferganairstroy, Trest AndizhanStroy and Uzburneftegas.

The planned investment program: For the purpose of production effectiveness modernization and improvement the following measures are planned: reconstruction of electrical filters, modernization of kilns, installation of weight feeders, modernization of  auxiliary equipment.
The planned investments are expected to increase the Quvasay plant’s available clinker capacity approximately by 0.020 mln. ton of clinker annually and the available cement capacity - approximately by 0.026 mln. ton of cement annually by 2014.