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Kant Cement Plant

Eastern industrial area, Kant, Ysykaty District, Chu Oblast, 725000, Kyrgyzstan.

Reception: +10 (996 312) 69 65 55, 60 71 83

Sales department: +10 (996 312) 69 65 50

General manager: Nikiforov Ivan Vsevolodovich

Year of foundation: 1964

Power: Capacity of cement production – 1 316 thousand tons, clinker – 1 053 thousand tons annually

History: The plant was built in 1964. It was designed for 5 rotary kilns lines by the Project Institute "Novorosgiprocement" (USSR). Between 1965 and 1998 there were various reconstructions and renovations including modernization of grinding equipment, reconstruction and improvement of rotary kilns, cement grinding mills and compressor equipment.

The plant was acquired by a Group in October 2005, after that the enterprise implemented some measures for equipment modernization: renovation of the fourth kiln electrical filter, reconstruction of packaging equipment. Cargo transport and grinding equipment were purchased for Agalatasskiy quarry. Historically the plant exported its production to the markets of the Central Asia and Turkmenistan, Caucasus, Russia, China and Afghanistan. Currently the plant is a leader of Kyrgyzstan construction industry.

Production: Manufacturing lines of the plant allow producing PC 400 D20, PC 500 D0, SR PC 400 D20. Company Products are broadly used in manufacturing the reinforced-concrete cast-in-situ structure, items from precast pre-stressed reinforcement concrete in hydrotechnic, aerodrome, road construction. The cement plant has proven very resilient when exposed to high sulphate aggression, mineralized waters, multiple alternate frosting and thawing. Kant cement was used in the construction of a chain of power plants at Naryn River, dams at Talas and Sokuluk Rivers in Kyrgyzstan. It was widely used in erection of Baikonur cosmodrome facilities.

The planned investment program: For the purposes of production effectiveness modernization and increase of plant the holding plans to reconstruct electrical filters on kilns, install smooth start systems and rate-of-turn transducers on electrical drives of raw materials grinding mills. Construction of a new packing workshop has been completed, it will allow to pack cement into 50 and 1000 kg bags.

Currently the plant works on a project of transferring the plant to coal usage. After transfer of the plant will be able to use the alternative fuel (in year 2011), the plant will be able to switch from one type of fuel (gas) to another type (coal) within 5 hours.

The planned investments are expected to increase the available clinker capacity of the Kant plant approximately by 0.012 mln ton of clinker annually and the available cement capacity - by approximately 0.014 mln ton  of cement annually by the year 2014.