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Yangi-Yul Grinding Station

Yangi-Yul, Tashkent Oblast, Uzbekistan

Reception: +10 (998 70 91) 2 24 48, 2 49 61

Sales department: +10 (998 70 91) 2 24 48, 2 49 61

General manager: Eugeniy Pulyaev

Year of foundation: 2010

Power: Capacity of cement production – 990 thousand tons

History: CCement grinding station in Yangi-Yul is a fully featured plant with annual capacity of 1 million ton of high quality cement.
The grinding station is situated in the Southern-Eastern part of Yangi-Yul city (Tashkent oblast) 20 km from the capital of the Republic of Uzbekistan – Tashkent city.
The enterprise area is 10 hectares.
The Yangi-Yul grinding station is aimed to produce 3,300 tons of cement per day (990 thousand tons annually) by grinding and mixing clinker, activated mineral additives and gypsum.
In order to provide raw materials (clinker) to the Yangi-Yul grinding station a new dry clinker line is under construction at Bekabadcement OJSC with capacity of 2,500 tons of clinker per day using .
The new Becabadcement OJSC clinker line at and Yangi-Yul grinding station are one single technological cycle of cement production.

Mineral additives and gypsum for technological production are delivered to the station both by truck and rail way transportation.

The well-known Chinese Engineering Company, «China CAMC Engineering Co Ltd» provided equipment supply and contract supervision at Yangi-Yul contraction site. This company has particular experience in construction of similar plants world-wide.

Both construction and installation were executed by Parma service specialists, a local company which also has many years of experience in building different industrial sites in Uzbekistan and abroad.
Over the last couple of years, this is the first large scale investment industrial green-field project executed  in the republic.

Yangi-Yul Grinding  Station’s most important competitive advantage is its close proximity to Tashkent and the availability of the developed transport infrastructure.
There are 3 large railway freight stations, namely Nazarbek, S.Rakhimov and Keles, located in the close proximity to Yangi-Yul, these stations have up to 5,000 ton of cement per 24 hour processing capacity (Yangi-Yul cement production volume is 3,300 ton per 24 hour) and same capacity to ship from Yangi-Yul to Tashkent and Syrdariya-Juzak-Bukhara.
With regards to exports to Kazakhstan, Yangi-Yul also has the most beneficial logistics due to the shortest transportation distance (as per rail and highway transportation) to the major Kazakhstani border station, Keles station. This is a significant competitive advantage for cement exporting to Kazakhstan.

Production: In July 2010 Yangi-Yul Grinding Station produced the first cement.
Yangi-Yul Grinding Station produces PC 400 D20 cement grade. The product was certified at UZGOSSTANDARD central laboratory in July, in parallel it passed through the analysis at 5 independent Kazakhstani and Uzbekistani laboratories. The testing results showed that in reality the cement was of 450 grade!
Also, in the nearest future it is planned to extend the range of the produced cements to PC 400 D0, SRPC 400 D0 and other cement grade which are in high demand.
Yangi-Yul Grinding  Station competitive advantage  is the possibility of quick and flexible response  to the market demand (in comparison to other full technologic cycle production plants), by operative technologic transfer to the cement grade demanded by the market. The ability to provide operative adjustment to meet market demand is a breakthrough, know-how. The first such know-how implemented in the Central Asian market!