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141 Pushkin Street, Kant, Ysykaty District, Chu Oblast, Kyrgyzstan

Reception: + 10 (996 312) 60 71 99, 60 71 95

Sales department: +10 (996 312) 60 71 99

General manager: Vassiliy Tulentsev

Year of foundation: 1975

Power: capacity of cement production – 359 thousand tons, clinker – 287 thousand tons annually

History: Kirgizagropromproyect is a general designer of the plant.
June 1975 – startup of the first rotary kiln of 3.5x104 with recuperative refrigerators.
November 4, 1976 – startup of cement grinding department with a cement mill of 2.5х14 and electric separator UG 1-3-10, reverse water supply, repair machine shops, quality department laboratory, gas distribution point №1 and hot water boiler.
October 1987 – the plant puts into service primary mills, vertical slurry tanks of 3,600 sq meters, warehouse of raw materials and additives, clay preparation department, 4,000 ton cement warehouse, second line of clinker burning and second cement mill.
1995 – downtime for more than a decade
2005 – restart of the plant after an $8 million upgrade that cost about.

Production: TechnoLin can produce several cement brands, including cement mix, sulfate-resistant cement mix and superior grades cement brands especially for the oil and gas companies.

The planned investment program: For the purpose of modernization and increase of production effectiveness of the plant the Holding intends to install clinker scales, gas analyzers and  weight feeders for raw materials and cement grinding mills, rate-of-turn transducers on supporting equipment and smooth start system on the main technological equipment.
Currently the plant works on a project to transfer to coal usage. After transfer of the plant will be able to use the alternative fuel (in year 2011), the plant will have ability to switch from one type of fuel (gas) to another type (coal) within 5 hours.
The planned investments are expected to increase the available clinker capacity of TechnoLin approximately by 0.004 mln ton of clinker annually and the available cement capacity by approximately 0.004  mln ton  of cement annually by the year 2014.