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Novotroitsk Cement Plant

3 Zavodskaya Street, Novotroitsk, Orenburg Oblast, 462452, South East Area, Russia

Reception: 8 (3537) 60 19 46, 60 19 56, 60 19 55

Sales department: 8 (3537) 60 19 47, 60 12 74, 60 19 62, 60 19 61, 60 19 53

General manager: Zemtcov Andrey Vasilevich

Year of foundation: 1954

Power: capacity of cement production – 701 thosand tons, clinker – 561 thousand tons annually

History: Novotroitsk Cement Plant was founded on October 21, 1954 with an original design annual capacity of 450,000 tons of cement. The facility operated 2 production lines and kilns of 12.5 ton/h output.
1956 – reconstruction of kilns, installation of a third primary mill and output increased to 600,000 tons p.a.
1958 – a third kilns is put into operation.
1960 – start up of a new primary shop with three mills of 2.6 x 13 m.
1963–1969 – reconstruction of rotary kilns and diameter is increased to 3.6 meters, the process of cement production is upgraded due to ground slag feed from hot end of kilns.
November 12, 1992 state-owned Novotroitsk Cement Plant is privatized into an open joint-stock company. The plant continued stable operations despite problems in the USSR collapsing. April 19, 2002 – a new packaging workshop with foreign equipment was commissioned, the equipment was provided by German company Mullers.
The plant was purchased by a Group in August 2004. After the plant acquisition various measures were taken including reconstruction of one of the kilns, modernization of kilns, grinding mills and gas metering system and reconstruction of weighing system.
On numerous occasions the Novotroitsk Cement Plant has been awarded with various rewards and prizes by different international organizations, including the International Prize of the New Millennium “For the Technology and Quality”, the plant was recorded in the  Honors Book “Technology: Evidence of Outstanding Success in Mastering and Developing of New Technologies”.

All the plant’s cement grades have quality certificates of Russian Federation. Sulfate-resistant Portland cement grade 400 and construction Portland cement grade 500 have received international quality certificates.

Today Novotroitsk Cement Plant is the largest supplier of cement in Orenburg oblast, Bashkiria and Southern Ural and one of the main supplier of cement for Western Kazakhstan.

Production: Novotroitsk Cement Plant specializes in various types of Portland cement including high-grade cement (PC 500-D0-N), general construction cement (PC 400-D20-N, and SPC 400), low-grade cement (SPC 300) and special type cement (SSPC 400-D20, SSPC 400-D0). The plant also produces mineral powder for road construction purposes. The plant’s products are used in production of concrete and reinforced concrete, oil and gas wells and concrete surfaces of highways and airfields.
The plant is capable to switch to different types of cement production in relatively short notice – about 12 hours is required to switch from and to general construction and high-grade cements (a longer period is required to start production of special types of cement – up to 3 days).
The cement produced by the plant was used in construction of Aktau sea terminal port, oil and gas producers in Tyumen, Kamchatka and Sakhalin, super-deep oil and gas wells in Astrakhan and Orenburg Oblast.

The planned investment program: For the purpose of the production modernization and efficiency increase the Holding intends to reconstruct the kilns’ electro filters, kilns conversion to coal firing, kilns refurbishment, installation of frequency converters to the main gears of the principal equipment.
It is expected the planned investments will increase the available clinker capacity for circa 0,006 mln ton pa and the available cement capacity for circa 0,008 mln ton annually by 2014.