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Kuznetsk Cement Plant

15 Liza Chaykina Street, Novokuznetsk, 654005, Kemerovo Oblast, Russia

Reception: +7 (3843) 46 06 31, 45 64 74

Sales department: +7 (3843) 45 64 30

General manager: Yurin Aleksander Mikhaylovich

Year of foundation: 1936

Power: Capacity of cement production – 407 thousand tons, clinker – 326 thousand tons annually

History: Kuznetsk Cement Plant was designed in compliance with decree of the Council of Labor and Defense of the USSR People’s Commissars Council dated 11.02.1936. The following factors conditioned the construction of a cement plant in Stalinsk (later renamed to Novokuznetsk):
- delivery of locally produced cement to the expanding metallurgical and coal basin of Kuzbass, coverage of cement deficit in Siberia and Kazakhstan; cheap binding substance from wastes of Kuznetsk smelter; maximum utilization of industrial wastes of Kuznetsk smelter. The plant was commissioned in 1943 when it produced 5,592 tons of cement.
- 1993 – the plant begins a mix production for filling of converter lining of smelters.
- 2001 – the plant starts production of magnesian ferruginized flux for additives in pouring ladles.
- 2003 – the plant starts producing packaged cement PCT I – 50.
Until 1993 Kuznetsk Cement Plant was a state-owned enterprise after it was transferred to private ownership due to structural changes of the Russian Economy. In 2003 Kuznetsk Cement Plant OJSC was transformed into Kuznetsk Cement Plant Production Company LLP.
The plant was acquired in November 2006. After the plant acquisition various measures were taken including reconstruction and commissioning of one of the kilns, reconstruction of four cement grinding mills, and in 2006 - 2007 – commissioning of electrical filter for the third production line which resulted in production capacity increase and dust emission reduction. Major consumers of the products are Altai Territory, Kemerovo Oblast, Moscow, Tomsk, Krasnoyarsk Territory, Kazakhstan, Omsk and Novosibirsk Oblasts.

Production: Kuznetsk cement plant is a dry-method production plant. Kuznetsk cement plant specializes in production of various types of Portland cement including high grade cement (PC500-D0) and general construction plant (PC 400-D0 and SPC 400).
Products of Kuznetsk Cement Plant are used for manufacture of concrete and reinforced concrete. The plant may change production from one grade to another in relatively short term.

The planned investment program: For the purpose of modernization and improved effectiveness of production the holding intends to implement several measures at Kuznetsk plant, including transfer of kilns firing to coal fuel, reconstruction of electro filters at kilns, installation of a cement grinding mill.
After the planned modernization the plant will have an opportunity to transfer from gas to coal within circa 5 hours in average. The planned investments will increase the available clinker capacity in Novokuznetsk by around 0.334 mln ton of clinker annually and the available cement capacity by 0.418 mln ton of cement annually by 2014.